2018 – Top 10 Communication Trends & Predictions

Every year Worldcom PR Group draws on the knowledge of its 2000 consultants to predict the environment that will face its clients in the year ahead.

Inevitably, as a global partnership, many of these predictions have an international flavor. If you want to get a picture of what the communication landscape may look like in your own country, we have teams in over 115 cities around the world ready to talk to you.

We have the pleasure to present our communication trends and predictions for 2018. We hope they help increase the certainty of your success in the year ahead.

Worldcom’s Top 10 Communication Trends


The increasing variety of risks and threats means that every organization should revisit their risk assessments and update their crisis management policies and procedures accordingly.


Communications teams should adopt the PESO model to ensure communications plans have an integrated approach to delivering goals.


Organizations should review their Purpose and develop ways to make sure that every employee understands how they connect to, and deliver against, the Purpose. As part of this exercise, organizations should create an ‘Engagement Framework’ that employees can relate to and use to guide their daily actions.


In the light of the ‘Weinstein’ scandal, organizations should have a fundamental review of their values and culture. Any such review should address policies about personal interactions, including touching, as these will become intrinsic to the employer brand.


Media monitoring should extend to assess the impact of ‘tweet storms’ created by social posts from political leaders.


Every organization who communicates with people who are residents of the EU, should carry out a GDPR assessment. This should address more than compliance. It should look at the brand loyalty advantages of showing customers how they can be in control of their own data.


Organizations should carry out a media review to ensure that they are targeting the media outlets that have the most influence on their target audiences and, that also create positive brand associations.


Organizations should review, or develop, an Employee Engagement strategy to drive productivity and loyalty by ensuring that all employees are engaged and energized.


Organizations should consider introducing an ‘employee innovation’ initiative designed to identify process improvements that can make operational savings as well as increase the value created in the organization. These ‘bottom-up’ ideas will deliver sustainable value and help to create a more committed and energized workforce.


Communications strategies should be reviewed to see if they include sufficient active relationship building with all stakeholders.

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